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I'm a 24f from Texas AMA

2022.01.26 17:15 rthrowawayyy3536 I'm a 24f from Texas AMA

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2022.01.26 17:15 GateBreakerZ Akshan

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2022.01.26 17:15 asylumprophet Off the rock, through the bush...

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2022.01.26 17:15 Emily1214 What kind of hat is this? And about how old might it be? The person who gave me this didn't know exactly what it was called, but that they think it's circa 1930s or 40s.

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2022.01.26 17:15 Annual_Werewolf_5448 Help my cousin keeps thinking she’s pregnant

My cousin is a virgin but she keeps worrying whenever her period gets late and thinks she’s gotten pregnant. I tell her it’s impossible but she’s worried that while she was in the bathroom she touched sperm in the toilet bowl and got pregnant that way. How do I tell her that’s dumb and make her understand that’s not how you can get pregnant? She’s 16.
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2022.01.26 17:15 Sorry_Maintenance_ I love the bong and that sweet mask, and do you like my outfit for tonight?

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2022.01.26 17:15 ShadowPrincessN7 I did a couple of color oufits lately so today I felt the need for an all black look 🖤

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2022.01.26 17:15 Adventurous_Bar_7133 MCC Teams I Think We All Want Part 5...

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2022.01.26 17:15 Witch_e_ It’s Wednesday my dudes. [29]

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2022.01.26 17:15 Cheng_Xin Oh my

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2022.01.26 17:15 Kawliga3 How awesome would a discussion between Mary Trump and Michael Cohen be?

And I don't just mean the scorching Donald-trashing that would ensue (but it would be great). What I'd really like to see is them fleshing out their contradictory opinions of whether he will run in 2024 (Mary says he will, Michael says he won't). They both have compelling reasons behind their assertions, both practical reasons and Trump-psychology reasons, so it would be neat to see them engaged in a (presumably friendly) debate about it.
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2022.01.26 17:15 tiggerclaw "GSgH6M–#wgzuif" by unknown

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2022.01.26 17:15 beachbum1000- 100% scholarships

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2022.01.26 17:15 stich86_it X1 Carbon 9th Gen Keycaps

hi guys, I’ve purchased a refurbished X1C from eBay (full specs with i7 1185, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD and 5G X55 card). The problem is the layout of the keyboard that’s German.
I’ve already swapped Z and Y caps without any particular problem, but I need to change other 15 caps to match my IT layout. Do you have any site that sell caps for 9th gen? I’ve seen only for 8th gen but I don’t know if they are compatible
Thanks in advance
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It’s original asf and I think the community are going to love this ! When thinking De - FI I think only in the future and not the now 🅿️
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2022.01.26 17:15 YourLifeMyHands I’m proud of y’all

So I watched the JPOW fed announcement, and as I’m sure some of you saw the YouTube chat was just chaos of “SELL, BUY, CRYPTO, PUTS, CALLS, SHITCOIN,AMC” over and over again. Just the usual stuff online you’d expect to see.
However- for watching this in its entirety, I only saw someone mention GME possibly 3 times? I’m sure there was a few more but it was so little compared to the usual garbage flying around. There was an incredible shitstorm of popcorn promotion just being mindlessly spammed in the chat. We don’t do that here and it shows.
When you see something like that being spammed so hard it becomes obnoxious, in fact when spammed like it was it actually drives people AWAY from your goal or attempt to give information. When people come to the GME subs (at least the jungle) there is easy to find DD into this whole last year. THAT is how you bring people in and educate them. Not by screaming nonsense on every corner of the internet.
Well done everybody, keep your heads level and encourage people to DRS.
Summary of fed meeting: no rate increase yet, will be probably decided in march for the first one. Basically a whole bunch of “yeah we are keeping an eye on inflation/money printing/economics” my mind basically told me it was just a big ole nothing burger of “don’t worry we will fix this”. Buckle up kids 🚀
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2022.01.26 17:15 Tykoon316 [Question]Can you make successful channel with videos that aren’t all based around the same thing .

I’m wanting to make a channel that’s mostly revolves around boxing, my boxing journey, but want to also make other kinds videos like reviews, comedy skits, health/fitness/life/financial advise, vlogs, before and after workout challenges, video gaming. A little of everything, i know some would say multiple channels, but id like it all to be under on channel/name/brand if possible. Maybe some watching on of my reviews will check out channel and like the boxing and comedy also? Idk just and idea
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2022.01.26 17:15 f4tsodubmo Controlling emotions while starting a relationship during reboot flatline

So I'm kind of in a fucked up situation...or so it feels. I am currently on day 33 of my reboot, and have been seeing a woman for around the same amount of time. We have strong feelings for each other and have gotten physical. I told her EVERYTHING about my addiction and issues including PIED up front before we got physical.
We are both in our mid 40s, so sex comes up quickly as I have found with older women lol. They don't mess around! So the first couple of times together I got hard and had the rule of not going all the way because I am still in the healing process. Well the 3rd time I let myself go and fucked her like a Rockstar finishing hard. "I'm cured!!!" I say to myself. Only I'm not...the next time we were physical, PIED reared it's ugly head, and I freaked out a little.
The successful session and the failure have both taken place in the past 7 days, so this is all still fresh in my brain. She has been very understanding and awesome about everything.
So my problem is that PIED really fucks with my head and can make me emotionally needy and needing of reassurance and confirmation. This week is a very stressful week for my lady and she is a super busy professional. With this being the case, her communication has become much less frequent, making me feel unassured and needy. Now I haven't overwhelmed her with texts or anything like that, but can't help but feel that she is pulling away.
So my question is, how are yall controlling your emotions during situations like this?
Stay strong brothers!!!
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2022.01.26 17:15 thebebee DT 990, Go XLR mini, amp/dac needed?

Hey all, planning on buying the DT 990 pros and a go xlr mini. Would I also need an amp, amp/dac?
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2022.01.26 17:15 JohnGottiMAFIA4EVER Happy Australia day from Canada.

Take a moment to remember that the descendents of australians are Canadians sent to your country as a penal colony. Also remember that Canadians made the Eureka rebellion possible and overall we are not too different from one another.
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2022.01.26 17:15 0OOO00000OO00O0O0OOO Soccer probably has its roots in laziness of not wanting to bend down and pic up stuff and instead kick it

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2022.01.26 17:15 dirrtyremixes VA - Discovery Series 004 / DS004 / Lost on You

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2022.01.26 17:15 politicly1 Chuck Schumer announces Biden's Supreme Court nominee will be confirmed by the Senate with 'all deliberate speed'

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2022.01.26 17:15 error404_stonks È una mia malattia?

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2022.01.26 17:15 takhfifekhob هودی مردانه بنفش مدل Ramtin

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