Vanquisher with 1 p2w artifact (Splendid Punisher)

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2022.01.26 18:40 Aknilox Vanquisher with 1 p2w artifact (Splendid Punisher)

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2022.01.26 18:40 wolfy1091 Uniden r7 vs r3

Is it worth the price getting the r7 over the r3
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2022.01.26 18:40 DieSlowLiveForever PERFECT!

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2022.01.26 18:40 C-Fish1983 Cold Hart Review

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2022.01.26 18:40 Clint8813 What is your most favorite funny quote from the series?

Was watching a random episode earlier and totally forgot about the line "Why are you touching dead naked people?" Bonus points to who knows what episode that is from and why it was said.
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2022.01.26 18:40 Electronic_Bear_9444 MBTI and medical specialties

Hello, fellow INTP here! My question is are there any scientific papers about MBTI personality type and choosing medical specialty. I am currently in medical school, I am interested in specialties such as pathology, radiology, neurology and psychiatry. I am interested in learning about specialties that are suited for my personality type.
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2022.01.26 18:40 Yonn_Thane Advice on selling collection

Any advice/ help is appreciated. I'm looking to sell my entire Funko Pop collection that i've been collecting for about 3 years now. The Funko PPG has the collection at $6,000 (330 pops). I'm wondering what is the best way to sell the collection as a 1 unit rather than trying to sell them individually. I know there are some places like 7BAP that will buy the collection, but it seems like they offer 50% of your PPG from what i've seen. Any avenues or advice for getting more $ for the collection? They are about 95% Star Wars Funkos with some Marvel/ random mixed in.
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2022.01.26 18:40 MusicLabBeats [Afro Beat] Afro House - "Panic"

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2022.01.26 18:40 la_devoy_tee Mental illness doesn’t make sense.

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2022.01.26 18:40 alextheanimal Why be antiwork when you can be pro-Juche?

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2022.01.26 18:40 ifiwasfrank Ancor Protocol is the 29th Binance Launchpool! Stake BNB, BUSD and LUNA and earn ANC [ENG – ITA]

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2022.01.26 18:40 Emmanus Signori, è giunto il momento

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2022.01.26 18:40 LuskSGV Pretend you are Chris Ballard

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2022.01.26 18:40 JShepforTruth Trying Something Different

I’m looking for some veterans, newbies or anything in between that want to play. I am trying to perfect a different style of team play that that I’m not really seeing anyone doing. Ultimately, I would like to build a competitive Crew around this concept, so it would be great to have new crew members. However, I can play with anyone regardless of being with my crew or not. It’s in experimental stages right now so I’m only running street to practice with it. It requires communication so you definitely need a mic. I’m a Diamond in League and A Sapphire in Street Rank. If anyone in here is interested please let me know you can DM or respond here. Let’s run a few matches together send then go from there. Thanks, I hope to play with some new people soon.
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2022.01.26 18:40 PabloFontaine Would Dolomite like work as grit for the works?

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2022.01.26 18:40 Karloss99 I just finished watching No Time To Die. It was good, but it also left me disappointed.

Even though Im more of a Sean Conery era Bond fan I absolutely love Craigs Bonds and I think he is atleast the 2nd best Bond if not shared 1st place with Connery by actor and moviewise in my opinion. The character development in Craigs movies must be the best and how they ended Bond in this was really good!
Why did I get disappointed or maybe even hated some parts of this movie? The fact that Craig era Bond reintroduced/revived Spectre the main villain organisation that aimed for world domination in a way or an other was perfect. It made it Spectre mysterious and dangerous again and slowly learning about this organisation. Cristoph Waltz one of my favorite actors playing as Blofield was the best option we could get and we got our taste of our main boss of Spectre and who is the main villain in the whole James Bond series. I understand that we cannot use the same villain/villains in every movie because after a while it wears out and does not feel threatening anymore, but how they destroy Spectre in one movie in an extremely short time just pissed me of. Then the death of Blofield just felt really bad, unmeaningful and the movie for me was mostly down hill plotwise after that (not character development wise).
I could not care at all about the villain Safin who supposedly killed all Spectre members even Blofield and becoming the new bigger threat that wanted to revenge spectre of killing hes family and use Heracles that will make the world a little "tidier". Like Spectre was suposed to be extremely dangerous, could do anything anywere and money was not a problem for them. All that story about Spectre and Blofield swept under a mat and given a new face to do the same thing that spectre would only thing is that I BARELY KNOW HIM OR CARE AFTER THE LONG AND MEANINGFUL INTRODUCTION OF SPECTRE AND BLOFIELD. How Im supposed to believe that someone who lost hes family, nearly died himself kill all members and its superiors, take over the organization and then take lead of it?! Who rased this kid when his parents died and how didnt spectre not try to kill the child who survived and how did they not try to test does the weapon work before using it at the party tht killed all those spectre members? Did this dude have somehow more money than spectre that made this possible or am I missing something? The movie had alot of other plotholes, but I wont go in them too much!
In my opinion they should've not added Safin and made rather blofeld himself the murderer of madeleines mother, the one who saved madeleine from the ice, then the last fight against safin wouldve been against blofield. That wouldve been soo satisfying. After all that Bond had gone thru and lost because of Spectre he defeats them including Blofield and then dies. That would've also meant that during the movie Spectre Blofield wouldve escaped capture by the helicopter or even better just skip the whole fight in London and have Max Denbigh arested etc. and have Spectre rescuing Blofield from that saharan crater facility (prison break from that prison where he was hold in no time to die would've been dump idea in my opinion). Although this option that I mention would also mean that spectre should've been done a little diffrently to work.
This is my opinion and if you agree or disagree, have any thoughts or opinions of the topic please share them! Im interested in discussing and hearing about how you all thought about it!
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2022.01.26 18:40 BLM11 this is what the world has come to

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2022.01.26 18:40 c_linaa F26 🤎🤎

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2022.01.26 18:40 panibasiu Swipe to make this little shiba sleep

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2022.01.26 18:40 Lemonz_4all Rocket League won't play any sound

I just built my computer about 2 days ago, here is the build:
I am just waiting on my gpu, so I'm using the integrated graphics on my cpu for now.

The main problem is when I open Rocket League, no sound is played at all. There wasn't any for the intro either. I downloaded and opened The Escapists 2, and it has sound and everything, it's just Rocket League that does this. How do I fix it?
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2022.01.26 18:40 CouTHeBoss Hearts vs Celtic - Premiership, 26-Jan-2022

YSD | Highlights | English | 1080p
SoccerCatch | Highlights | English | 1080p
SoccerCatch | Full Match | English | 1080p
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2022.01.26 18:40 Rust1emyjimmies Question regarding ps+

So regarding the “included” games with ps+, if your sub runs out obviously you can’t play them anymore, my question is if you resubscribe do you keep these games and save history or are they removed once your ps+ runs out?
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2022.01.26 18:40 12345MexGuy newLEGACYinc's WGGP Championship!!!!

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2022.01.26 18:40 Distinct_Fan_6201 i wanna cards:)

can somebody give me any key for cards?
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2022.01.26 18:40 BambiQ2000 I have an idea for a new kind of defense mission

A fourth weapon slot should be added to the game for grenades, sticky bombs or similar weapon types.
In defense missions, we play the game by defending either an npc or an object.Some are stationary, some are mobile, and escort missions are similar to this, only the distance we have to travel is long.If we look at history, what did people defend in wars?Castles.In my opinion, this defense mission will be more difficult and longer-lasting than any other mission.
A new and large map, a kind of castle-like, suitable for Warframe's nature, should be added to the game, and attack or defense missions should be played randomly.The difference from other maps from defense or attack missions is that it has a structure similar to medieval castles and there are many active and usable objects such as doors, defense weapons, drones on the map.Players should definitely be forced to stay on the defensive using the map while defending.In other words, although four players inside the castle can fight against an army, these players must die by the overwhelming force of the enemy as soon as they leave the castle.
There are some types of weapons that I think should be added to the game with this map and mission.The first of these should be the mortar gun, which is used as the main weapon, and it should have a structure that allows us to adjust the place where we will shoot by seeing from a bird's eye view.It should be a very powerful weapon, but we must be prevented from moving while using it.
The second weapon is for the fourth weapon slot, which I think will be added to the game.Remote-controlled explosives and they must be of various kinds.For example, a variant that throws marbles around when it explodes, causing enemies in a large area to take shear damage, or a cold shockwave that causes nearby enemies to freeze for a short time and take more damage.
Various grenades for the fourth weapon slot, among which should be the ones that increase the health of friendly players.These grenades should explode instantly or have a second delay. Weapons designed only as grenades and for quick use in the game should be used from the fourth weapon slot so that they can have a greater effect on the game.
A new type of Necramech should be added to the game and be in an animal form unlike all other Necramechs.It should be able to transform into forms with different properties.In one form, it should be a fast-running cat with a light machine gun, while in the other form it should be a tank with a heavy but powerful gun.If you think that's enough, no, I haven't written the main reason yet.When playing with this Necramech, two, three or four players should be able to combine their Necramech to create an entirely new vehicle. Imagine a giant robot driven by four players against a boss like Godzilla and KingKong battle.The DE can and should do this.
A new warframe should be added. This warframe is more focused on destroying a single target from afar. It should be for players who like stealth but don't like to get close to the enemy. I'll post a detailed post about its pics and design and powers soon.Actually, this warframe is very important because it will bring a whole new gameplay to the game and allow us to have a more tactical and slow gameplay.
I have a new open world idea and it has to be underwater.This open world must be a place that is completely submerged and is home to various dried up giant caves.The new Necramech, which I think will be added to the game, may be something like a hidden technology belonging to a people living in one of these giant caves with a forest theme.Speaking of giant caves, five or six of them must be larger than cetus.Thus, the system requirements of the game do not increase and the transitions are made with door systems.
High lvl players in the game are bored and they should be given something to do.For this reason, the new warframe I mentioned above should only be given to players above MR 20 who have completed all the missions in the game. That is, it should not be bought with money and there should be many single player missions before playing online in the new open world.A player who does all of this should be able to open a new level for SteelPath, which is more difficult.
The use of the operator has been expanded with new war and I want it to be further advanced, especially the missing PVP part of the game can be made with operators.New weapons should be added for operators and these can then be used for pvp purposes.
Slow and tactical gameplay with new war game design can be added to the game with the warframe I mentioned above. Also, when the next level for Steel Path is added, these should be changed to allow players to play more slowly and tactically. Even killing an enemy should take time.I've watched a lot of streamers posting about the game today and frankly they need help. All players need to support the community.
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