When you are dead , what will be the thing people think of when they hear your name ?

2022.01.26 18:35 Wizazcrakhed When you are dead , what will be the thing people think of when they hear your name ?

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2022.01.26 18:35 Choice_More Help my posts have been deleted for “comercial activity”

So, I’m using Vinted to get rid of all of the unsold items of my uncle’s business (anime store) and I’ve been doing it since last year.
Today I made the mistake of uploading +15 post almost at the same time, I guess they saw something was off and decided to delete all of my content related to “re-selling” (even my Nike socks and bundle of English books…)
They have warned me if I keep selling those types of items (mostly keychains, plushies and figurines) they will ban me for 7 days, and I guess I could eventually lose my account. I’m very upset about it, I have almost 50 positive reviews, all of them with 5 stars so I would be heartbroken to lose it all. Also, I’ve seen plenty of people doing the same thing, even selling the same type of things and there is still hundred of products that I need to sell.
I think it is ridiculous that they are targeting me, it’s not like a make a ton of money out of it like they said in their warning “Selling with the intention of having a stable source of income”, I’ve made maybe 20€/month and this past few months 50€ but that was because it was Christmas… I’m not supposed to make money??!
Is there a way to avoid being “punished”? I want to keep my account but if it is needed I’ll open a new one and I’ll be more careful, I think it’ll be okey as long as a keep a low profile…
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2022.01.26 18:35 imnoteliz Sinclair care

After eyeing hot pink docs and wanting a pair of docs since middle school, I finally got my first pair.
The beautiful Sinclair. I’d like to take really good care of them. My dad has 2 super old tins of Dubbin (one in clear almost empty and one in brown). He wore his docs to work. I live in IL - unpredictable conditions! Do I buy a new dubbin? Or is the wonder balsam a good buy? Curious to hear what you think as a best choice. I considered getting this kit on journey that includes both…not sure I should use dubbin and balsam together though. Please advise for a beginner, thank you!
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2022.01.26 18:35 Bayoj Question about Speaker

You can make Tory a supreme court judge or vp. Then Albin will the speaker of National Assembly. But who will be the speaker, if you make Tory a judge and Albin VP.
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2022.01.26 18:35 Waffles_4560 Why does valtor look upset?!?! (wrong answer's only)

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2022.01.26 18:35 remysart At The Beach, Me, Oil on Canvas, 2015

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2022.01.26 18:35 Two-Big-Dawgs Should I tell my “bf” about post break up fling?

So some background.. My boyfriend (26m) and I (21f) met in addiction recovery and have been together for 1 year. I’ve stayed clean through everything but unfortunately my boyfriend has struggled. A few months back we hit a breaking point he had relapsed again, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and I broke up with him. We still talked daily when he went to rehab. However, I was really struggling.
I became my moms primary care giver and although I didn’t pick up drugs I started having sex with two guys, (the first guy only twice and the second guy several). My ex and I had several conversations about how he did not want me to wait for him, we both love each other but we know waiting would just be wrong. But due to a health decline with his grandmother he came home for a few weeks.
He stayed with me and his grandma got better, but unfortunately during this time my mom passed. He was doing a lot better and there for me through all of it and loved on me all the time. I have to be honest that for the first 2 weeks of him being home I was still messaging one of the guys, I wasn’t sleeping with anyone, but my ex and I did have sex while he was home. I have been tested and know I didn’t give him anything. He went back to rehab for the remainder of his 6 month stay, but now I’m so conflicted.
My ex and I are not technically together right now but only in the since of the title. We love each other, hell we adopted a dog and 2 cats together. I’m in close contact with his family. To his rehab counselor he calls me his girlfriend, and to our friends and family they see it as we’re still together. We just tell each other that we’re broken up. Since those first two week when I was messaging that guy I haven’t had any contact with them. And I don’t plan to. I don’t want to use sex to distract myself from the pain of everything even though it’s hard. We both could see ourselves marrying each other in the future.
But I don’t know what to do. Do I tell him? Did I cheat?
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2022.01.26 18:35 deadmancaulking An interaction that might be of interest to those of you invested in Opendoor. Whatever your thoughts on Keith, it's hard to argue with his track record.

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2022.01.26 18:35 wadech [SOTC] New watch box for Christmas, already need more room.

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2022.01.26 18:35 Trefry8 Which is the best pistol?

Hey y’all. Loving the game so far. Just wondering which pistol is better. The Sheriff or the .45? They both take .45 cal ammo
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2022.01.26 18:35 croatianpr33 Entrenamiento para Hipertrofia en la Espalda

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2022.01.26 18:35 Paddingtonbear39 Glitchy Dog Impossibly Ends Up On Other Side Of Gate

About a year or so back I was working as a personal assistant for a wealthy man who essentially just needed people to the things he "didn't have time for". One of those things happened to be taking care of and exercising his two dogs in his backyard (a job I was more than happy to do). To paint you a picture, this house had a backyard and two long but narrow stretches of grass on either side of the house that led to the front yard. Both sides however had a gate at the end locking the dogs inside so they were unable to access the front yard. The dogs did not interact well with strangers so we were always VERY VERY careful to make sure they couldn't get out when we played in the yard.
One of the dogs was bigger and a bit of a ball hog. So that both dogs would get the opportunity to play, I would throw one ball down the right side of the house for one pup to chase, run to the other side, and throw another ball down the left side of the house for the other pup to chase. Back and forth back and forth until they got tired out (or until i tired out lol). Let me reiterate, the gates on both ends had very narrow slits in them and were triple locked( dead bolt and chained), super secure, no way for them to get on the other side. Anyway....I do my first toss down the right side, first pup goes running. At the same time I run over to the left and heave the ball down the lane for the second pup to go get. I then take off to meet pup #1 back at the right lane, grab it from him, and toss it again. as he runs, I sprint back over to the left. But, No pup to greet me? I turn the corner and look down the lane and see him standing on the other side of the gate staring at me through the narrow openings in the gate, ball on the inside of the gate. I have NO idea how it would be even remotely possible how he would've gotten over there. He was a very large dog, no chance he could've gotten through the small vertical openings in the gate door. The gate was at least 10 feet in height, no way he jumped over. I was gone only SECONDS, so theres no way he went through the house to the front. Nothing I could come up with made sense. We just stood there staring at each other, him looking just as confused as I was. Still completely boggles my mind to this day.
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2022.01.26 18:35 SepticMoonlight I don't know what to put as a title

Posting this just to empt my heart a little. I don't know if I have depression. I wasn't diagnosed but this is how I feel: I feel empty all the time, I'm lazy all the time. I'm happy with my new job. My husband is abroad and I can't see him for border reasons (visa stuff), I haven't seen him for 6 months but we talk everyday. I miss him so bad it hurts physically. I'm stuck in another country to provide my couple a better life. I think about death all the time. Not only mine. I think about losing my dearest ones, and I think about how it would feel to take away my life. All the time! I always imagine scenarios and how it would feel physically. It's always with me in my thoughts. I try to stay positive because I tell myself better days are coming. But what if I'm just losing my time being away from my loved ones? What if they die? What if I die before seeing them one last time? These last few months, every two to three days I have alcohol cravings. I want to drink. And I do. It's not helping but it makes me exteriorize my feelings like now.. I'm only writing this because I'm drinking, otherwise this would stay burried inside me.
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2022.01.26 18:35 BoredBatBoy Exchanging Bored Bat Boy NFTs with one of yours

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2022.01.26 18:35 eitherpass Types of BC with Spiro (questions about the implant and other options)

I was prescribed Spiro about 8 months ago, and after about 3 months my skin improved to basically clear, truly it feels like a miracle drug. When it was prescribed my dermatologist said it was a good thing I am on the oral contraceptive pill, as it can help with the effectiveness. At the time i had actually been looking into switching birth controls, but decided against it for the time being, due to the Spiro prescription. I am back at a place where I am considering switching again, and wanted to see if anyone here has experience with taking Spiro while having the Nexplanon implant. I am due to see my dermatologist again in a few months and fully intend to talk to her about this, but wanted to get some info beforehand.
Just for a little more context, I want to switch birth control methods to something that is less effected by exactly when you take it. I have an ever changing schedule and ADHD so remembering to take something everyday at the same time, and remembering to bring it with me everywhere is a daily struggle.
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2022.01.26 18:35 president_of_cunts Ka som skjer folkens?

Ka dokk drive på med?
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2022.01.26 18:35 Cokenine What are the most durable vans for skateboarding?

What are the most durable vans for skateboarding?
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2022.01.26 18:35 Katharsis7 Summon me everywhere [DS3] [PS4]

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2022.01.26 18:35 Tigrerojo__ My Spixi snails keep laying TONS of eggs, but I don't see any hatchlings after several weeks from the first time they laid; could these be duds, or can the other snails (ramshorn and physa sp) be eating them?

My Spixi snails keep laying TONS of eggs, but I don't see any hatchlings after several weeks from the first time they laid; could these be duds, or can the other snails (ramshorn and physa sp) be eating them? submitted by Tigrerojo__ to AquaticSnails [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 18:35 scottbrand College basketball: Rhody falters down stretch, loses to Richmond

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2022.01.26 18:35 Polyflask Low-poly railway crossing diorama (including feedback)

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2022.01.26 18:35 Rosellis Are tradelists on p52 for cards people are looking to trade/sell?

Sorry this is probably a silly thread, but I couldn't seem to find the info elsewhere. Trying to acquire a specific deck and see it on some people's trade lists. Is it a done thing to message the person out of the blue and see what they want for it?
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2022.01.26 18:35 DEFRANC0 W: Unyielding/AP Refresh/WWR Forest/Urban/Heavy Combat/Marine Armor Set H: List

Looking for one of the armor sets in trade for a bundle from my trade list.
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2022.01.26 18:35 Spanchebob69 Rocket League doesn't work anymore

Since yesterday my Rocket League doesn't start, I just get kicked back to the Epic Games Launcher every time, can anyone help me
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2022.01.26 18:35 CryAdministrative667 Watch "Rodneys Beats" on YouTube

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