[Discussion] As musicians, I was curious to know what you guys thought about "Get Back"

2022.01.26 17:14 thewickerstan [Discussion] As musicians, I was curious to know what you guys thought about "Get Back"

I've been buzzing about it all day!
I've been obsessed with the series since finishing it roughly a month ago in December, constantly revisiting various moments and situations that I considered my favorites. At first I just assumed that it was because I love the Beatles (which I do), but it struck me recently that amongst many things, "Get Back" feels like the perfect illustration of what it's like to play in a band, perhaps more-so than any other piece of media that I've seen.
You kind of forget that the Beatles at the end of the day were just dudes in a band too, so it was amusing to see how practices ran similarly to one's I've experienced...
- The passive aggressive niggling that can only be treated by directly addressing problems (communication really is always key)
- Casually breaking into favorite cover songs whenever there's a free moment.
- Discussing whatever latest band/song/album you'd heard and how you'd like to incorporate those influences (I wish there was footage of them talking about the Stones and Miracles albums they were holding).
- Phonetically working out the lyrics for songs and constantly tweaking them until the flow is nailed.
- Occasionally screwing around and goofing off instead of taking it so damn seriously 24/7.
The biggest thing for me though? That magic feeling when everything just clicks musically, and "Get Back" captures quite a few moments like this, from the band first playing "I've Got a Feeling" with Billy Preston to the boys finally on the rooftop, playing those songs for the thousandth time, but this time with the added excitement of an audience and how that almost reenergized them.
It's funny because after seeing the original version of "Let it Be", the day I was looking forward to the most was "Day 17"/January 26th (the day that Heather and Linda came to visit and they covered all of those rock and roll numbers). But upon finishing the series, it's the day AFTER that which has become my favorite: it's the day that they play "Get Back" over and over and over again until finally nailing a take. Nothing can equal the feeling of when a song you've been working on starts to really take off. There's just something really satisfying about seeing them totally locked in. Paul's obviously feeling it, but it's cute to see John and George get into it too. With George, there's the bit where he asks when the next break is, but he sees the recording lights on and immediately is like "Alright! Back to work!" and he counts in the song...he looked like he was having a lot of fun. Lennon too was in a very merry mood that day ("Sweet Loretta Fart, she thought she was a cleaner! But she was a frying pan!"), but I love the bit when after doing another take, Glyn Johns says something like "That was extremely lovely" and John smiles and says something like "Well keep it extremely lovely and we'll carry on".
They were getting lost in the sauce there. That alchemy that you reach as bandmates where you're totally one single unit, completely lost in the rhythm of things, is truly a feeling like no other.
...I can't say any of the groups I've played in had a tea and toast game like the lads though...
TL;DR - The series really captured the little moments of what it's like to play in a band, but above all, I loved watching the moments where things were really cooking musically and you could see how much the lads were into it.
Were there any specific moments that, for you, hit a bit too close to home?
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2022.01.26 17:14 sosaysseth Stratified flash tune and fuel.

So, my flash tune from Strat. came in today and I’m wondering if I should get better gas before loading it. I currently have half a tank of gas from quiktrip but I know the higher quality gas is better for their tunes to prevent knocking. Think it will be okay? I’ve never had an issue with their gas but I do plan to fill up at chevron next time.
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2022.01.26 17:14 pharmz005 Cat Diet

Help! We have two cats. One we've had for ~2 years; when we first got him (Doi; 2yo) he would eat too fast and vomit. He learned rather quickly and no longer has the issue. However, our second cat we got in July. He's (Goose; 2-4yo) struggling. He was homeless, brought in the a local shelter, someone adopted him, brought him back after a month, and we got him about 3 months later. Almost every time he eats, he vomits. The first bowl we had for him was a metal, round, ~2in deep bowl. We noticed he struggled to eat so we got another metal bowl but it was wider and just deep enough to keep the food contained. He could eat, but vomited undigested food almost every time he ate. A few days ago, we got a slow feeder and he's unable to eat from it. He has a treat tree that he's been eating treats from, but won't eat food from it (I've tried). We think he has allergies so we're concerned it may be a sensitivity issue, especially cause he's itchy. We've tried a few different dry foods. He's particular about flavor and won't eat fish flavored kibble, but likes chicken/turkey. We've haven't tried wet food as he shares an eating space with Doi (no dominance issues, they'll wrap around each other and eat no problems). Doi refuses wet food, so we don't want to spend the money on a specialty food that he won't touch. Is this something we just need to experiment with or something we should get a vet involved in?
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2022.01.26 17:14 Accomplished-Ad1466 My Favorite Parasite Eve, nothing against the sequels but first one is a master piece. A remake is more than necessary.

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2022.01.26 17:14 VeyperXD Vamo parar de fazer pergunta nesse subreddit aqui pelo amor de Deus

Poxa, todo dia é um monte de post de pessoas usando isso aqui como um askreddit, não tem nada de errado em querer saber dos outros algumas coisas mas aqui não é o lugar certo. Se só quer uma conversa, vai pro conversas e ajuda crescer aquele sub que tá pequeno ainda, deixa aqui realmente só para a galera que vai usar o sub para o propósito dele. A moderação do sub antes fechava alguns posts e colocava nos comentários para postar aquilo no conversas ou outro sub parecido que esqueci o nome, mas agora parece que eles pararam de fazer isso.
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2022.01.26 17:14 Aggravating_Effect18 I'm currently having some modded trouble on PS4

So I've been doing a modded run and alot of players faces are pixelated or rainbow colored. I'm running unofficial skyrim se patch. With NPC humans as well skyrim vanity kit. Those are all I have for npcs mainly. The rest are map/building textures. Some game play mods as well. Right now I've just mostly been moving them around trying different combinations in the order
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2022.01.26 17:14 kyliejenne WaykiChain picks off from where Dogecoin charity culture stopped

WaykiChain has always followed in the path of charity culture as practised by the Doge community ever since its creation in 2018. Interesting to note as well that waykichian founder Wiki Sun was an early investor in Doge and has made a fortune from it and even helped in developing the doge ecosystem. Going forward, however, because of the close ties and the founder’s deep appreciation and veneration of the doge community and purpose, the Waykichian charity foundation was found to help the underprivileged and participate in private aid and has since its establishment been active in its mission to ensure contribution to social welfare. Some of which are quite evident as they’ve succeeded in providing warm clothes for students living in mountainous areas in Quiz Town, Yongshou County, Shaanxi Province. Another one of their outstanding work includes a donation to a Yongtai 9-year School, Shaanxi in China and the list continues. With such a proven track record, the WaykiChain charity foundation and WaykiChain as a blockchain have continued to thread in the path of charity culture set as an example by the doge and doge community.
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2022.01.26 17:14 AndCaixeta [FOR HIRE] Character Illustrations. Commission open

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2022.01.26 17:14 cool145 GRID LOGITECH G923 (PART 10)

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2022.01.26 17:14 Lykhon Jasnah and Atium?

I was wondering if there is a possible connection between burning Atium and what Jasnah did during the battle of Thaylen Field. During combat, I remember Jasnah's POV describing something as if she could sense an enemy's movements before it happened due to her connection to the Cognitive Realm and the ripples they caused there. I was merely wondering if there is a possible connection between these two powers, since Atium sorta functions the same way, making movements visible before they happen.
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2022.01.26 17:14 Pedrao_zao What is something that seems fake but its very real?

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2022.01.26 17:14 Minnieme2011 Question

Am I mistaken or was there a post recently with all the data point locations?
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2022.01.26 17:14 call_me_mistress99 I don't get the usage of 'abschnitten' here? Is it some idiom?

Wie gut sie in der Prüfung abgeschnitten haben.
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2022.01.26 17:14 tstanze03 Best Bet for NFC Championship Game SF/LAR – 1/30/22

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2022.01.26 17:14 Noname_Maddox Jamie giving off some serious Michelle vibes

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2022.01.26 17:14 Real_Ad6331 Cheezam: Find cheeses from pictures and screenshot thanks to AI

Hi ! :D
I've made an Android app nammed Cheezam which is an application to help you finding cheeses information from pictures or screenshot using cheezam.fr and Flutter.
The code is right here : https://github.com/KikiManjaro/Cheezam and I would really like to have some feedback on the app :)
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2022.01.26 17:14 ohalloranbooks Does anyone else experience “tournament panic”

ACF Regionals is this week (aaaaah). I got my team sponsored by my school and I thought once I wasn’t doing tournaments on my own dollar any longer, this wouldn’t happen anymore, but it still does. The week leading up to a tournament I just get really scared that something will go awry, like I’ll sleep through my alarm (it’s happened) or my 2002 Saturn SL (it stands for “Slow Lemon”) will finally stop working and strand us in Minnesota or something. And I’m usually also worried that the people I take will have no fun. We always do, though, so idk why I worry. Is this common, or do most people look forward to fun things? Any way to remedy this?
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2022.01.26 17:14 Soulsborneenthusiast [Offing help] [BL275]

Anywhere but chalice dungeons and amygdala, comment where and the pass.
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2022.01.26 17:14 KazleHD Wir haben zwar die Schlacht bei Langensalza gewonnen doch verloren unsere Unabhängigkeit...

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