My new Si came in earlier than expected 😎

2021.12.09 00:54 LegitJesseee My new Si came in earlier than expected 😎

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2021.12.09 00:54 Fishbones06 Priest Glyph Concept

Priest Glyph Concept This was alot of fun to make, the duality of priest with light and void has some fun options you could play around with.
Processing img ul77p6cdwf481...
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2021.12.09 00:54 Stumptronic Zener in series with MOSFET gate???

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2021.12.09 00:54 oliviasroses Female Vocalist looking for Producer!

Here's a sample of my vocals:

I'm looking for someone to produce one of my songs (or collaborate on something new) in the style of this song by LSDREAM (the drop is kind of late in the song, feel free to skip ahead)
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2021.12.09 00:54 Spirited_Work_4997 💎 Kaizilla 💎 | NFT Airdrop - Join our community | Big marketing push today | Caesar call incoming | Next 100X Gem!

🔥 K A I Z I L L A 🔥
Deflationary token which rewards the holders with frictionless yield generation, adding to liquidity on every transaction, buy-back and burn, all of this to increase floor price continuously.
🔶 Listed on Coingecko!
🔶 CMC application submitted
🔶 The FOMO is about to get real, just check our charts if you need reassurance. Buy before it gets higher because this is a moonshot.
🔶 Tons of money for marketing and we are going to use it effectively, wisely, and consistently.
🔶 Fresh new investment opportunity
🔶Buy now on pancakeswap:
Devs doxxed to Pinksale ✅
Interfi Audit done ✅
Vesting incorporated for private sale and presale investors to ensure no significant dumps occur
🟢 Private sale investors vested for 90 days
🟢Presale investors vested for 40 days
🔥 Huge buy backs and burns designed to take Kaizilla to moon!
👑 Born with advantages to takeover all other!
Team Consists of:
🔶Cex Owner
🔶Swiss Banker
🔶Defi Expert
🔶Analyst & Influencer
Tokenomics ⬇️
Tax is 10% buy and sell

1 Billion Supply
🟢 20% Supply is burned (800Million in circulation)
🟢 Whale resistant
🟢 Bot resistant
🔱 300BNB raised in presale!
🔱 Project did 2.5x on launch and healthy chart
🔱 Metaverse and gaming platform will be achieved.
🔱 AMA with Phoenix Holdings and Pinksale done
🔱 More AMA's, giveaways and influencers partnership already underway!
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x16a17fBa44eb3ee4B5D1AA6FEC6545C83f5399aC
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.12.09 00:54 SunRaSquarePants You have a choice...

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2021.12.09 00:54 AdGroundbreaking2460 What would you do to experience rdr2 story for the first time again?

I saw this on tik tok and was wondering was others would do. Ik it's a stupid question but it's seems fun to me
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2021.12.09 00:54 Zolt3 i was trying to farm for albedo pieces and i got another insane hu tao hp piece lmao

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2021.12.09 00:54 WhitePaperWritings [WP] Santa is able to deliver all his presents in one night by having a device to freeze time and a device to shrink items. Those items get left behind at your house. While you get the time freezing device, your two year old sister gets the shrink device. Keeping her in check becomes a challenge.

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2021.12.09 00:54 cbbBot [Post Game Thread] Southern Utah defeats Utah Valley, 60-56

Box Score

Team 1H 2H Total
Utah Valley 28 28 56
Southern Utah 33 27 60
Index Thread for December 08, 2021
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2021.12.09 00:54 One_Sugar_1813 YO WHO ELSE JUST GOT A NOTI FOR A TKC VID?

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2021.12.09 00:54 pitolokodhs e60 cic retrofit

hello. I'm about to do a cic retrofit to my e60. I got all the parts from a 2010 e60 I found in the junkyard for a little over 100 buks. I just waiting for the kdcan cable to do the coding. I just want to know if I can install the cic now and have any functions at all? do I have to code the cic before install? I kinda want to install it now and then code once I get the cable. but I cant find any info online that I can do this or if it will damage my car if I do this
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2021.12.09 00:54 cbbBot [Post Game Thread] Idaho defeats South Dakota State, 98-84

Box Score

Team 1H 2H Total
South Dakota State 41 43 84
Idaho 43 55 98
Index Thread for December 08, 2021
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2021.12.09 00:54 That_Frog_Robo Cookie Run icons but it's triple trouble

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2021.12.09 00:54 DaySignal Trump World - TMTG

American history based theme park in Orlando, FL as an alternative to Disney World. Families can spend a few days at each during a single 1 week vacation. Accessory hotel business revenue to maximize profits like Disney does with the hotels arround Disney world in Orlando, FL. I keep emailing this to Trump campaign waiting for TMTG to announce.
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2021.12.09 00:54 astraltenant lost another job today - a mixture of embarrassment and shame, throw in a pinch of remorse...

hi everyone,
yeah i lost another job - it was my second day. im heart broken. id hope that the thereby and medication would have helped me enough to hold down a job for a a while.. find some stability.. nope.
it was wrong. i got angry and overreacted.
not sure where to go from here.
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2021.12.09 00:54 tk1tpobidprnAnxiety Adopted handsome Benji 2 years ago and think we have a coonhound mix on our hands <3

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2021.12.09 00:54 sullysnet NUC6i7kyk m.2 speeds

Hello, I'm having some issues with m.2 speeds on my NUC being the same for no matter what drive I install. I recently purchased a Seagate Firecuda 530 1TB drive. It should be running much higher for read write speeds. I'm getting the same speeds as the inland model that came pre-installed. Is there something I don't have set correctly on why I am seeing around the same speeds for both models? I'm also having trouble updating the bios to the latest version. My speeds are the almost the same on both models around 3000.
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2021.12.09 00:54 Matlabguru Uses of R Programming

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2021.12.09 00:54 DippyHippy420 The world is unprepared for the next pandemic, study finds

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2021.12.09 00:54 sonrisa1 I don’t know what to do anymore

Hi… this is my first time using reddit but I really need to vent and what better place than this. Sorry for any typos… I’m using my phone. I guess to start although I am not diagnosed I would say I’m depressed with panic disorder (this is diagnosed). Since the pandemic its gotten better I have had a lot of urges, if you know I mean, after almost about 5 months. I cry myself to sleep a lot and shit. Im constantly talking down on myself wishing I was skinnier. Im struggling in school but maybe it’s the senioritis🤷🏾‍♀️. I have even worse thoughts… it’s so bad that have picked a date and method. To top it all off, I have a best friend. She’s really pretty and nice, but I don’t think she cares about how feel anymore despite her consulting me in everything. For the past 3 years I’ve had feelings for a guy (my first love) and he moved on really fast from our confusing as hell, while I was stuck crying every night wondering why everyone in my life leaves me. I really cared for this dude and I still do but this is the second time this has happened. My best friend keeps trying things with him despite her saying she doesn’t like him or he’s ugly (a lie because he’s one (and probably not only) of the hottest guys in which. Which often makes me question, how the HELL did I bag that?! Anyways, my best friend has previously had a crush on him before she graduated from our school. Now shes visiting from college for the winter. She told me the truth about her feelings. She still missed him. It hurt but I mean feelings come back all the time. He asked her out to the movies, but idk if its a date or not and neither does she. I just don’t know what to do. I feel like I annoy her now. Because of some dumb feelings I cant get rid of. I lie to her all the time about how I feel. I admit to me liking him but I always say I don’t care what they do when in reality I do. I mean if he’s happy then that’s good but I guess thats not true because he’s not happy with me. We both said the L word and I meant it but idk if he did. I hate saying that word now. This all sound like dumb highschool shit after reading this through. If you have any advice, help me… please?
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2021.12.09 00:54 Lavender_Lush72 Slap my ass 😈 and call me pretty 🥰 [F49] 💜

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2021.12.09 00:54 POWERPOPROCK The fanclub

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2021.12.09 00:54 TalonEye53 So which character do you anticipate to return?

In an interview with Animedia, Pokémon Journeys producer Mayu Nakauchi mentions how in 2022, they wish to do the following:

  1. Introduce Pokemon and trainers from Galar
  2. Team Rocket focus
  3. Leon’s personality
  4. Ash’s companions return
  5. Ash’s rivals return
so in the 4 and 5 sentences both rivals and companions will return soon enough in the next year so what do you expect?
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2021.12.09 00:54 milkcheesepotatoes if you could start a cult what would you worship?

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