Looking for a nice pomade that will go in easy and make for healthy hair

2021.12.09 01:03 asderonarkland4 Looking for a nice pomade that will go in easy and make for healthy hair

I’m looking for something that isn’t too thick, will go into my hair easy, and leave my hair soft but still have a pretty good hold. I don’t care if my hair is a little greasy, just as long as it’s not hard. Anywhere from low-medium shine. I’m new to pomade and after limited research it seems like there are so many options but for good ones I’ve heard names like Layrite, sauvicito, Lockharts, and goon grease thrown around. What do you think? Just looking for something laid back
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2021.12.09 01:03 AngelfENTP The Christmas present I bought for my INFP bestie.... Do you feel like he will like it?

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2021.12.09 01:03 bradadams5000 Lesbians do guy hookups ?

Had a girl 24f at my gym approach me 34m for a date, I talk to her all the time anyway almost everyday as we're kinda on same gym schedule. She's already told me before she's a lesbian. Out of nowhere this morning she wants to know if I want to go to a party this weekend with her. I looked kinda confused and she said she likes hooking up with guys sometimes. So I said sure. Does anybody know what to expect here? I heard this happens but I thought it was like urban rumor kinda thing.
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2021.12.09 01:03 johnwaje13 looking for manager axie scholarship

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2021.12.09 01:03 Mbossi22 Can someone tell me what bag this is? I need help ASAP.

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2021.12.09 01:03 MooseHeavy3675 I feel like such a failure

Man….idk where to start. But here it goes.
I’m an 18 year old male. Senior in high school. And I’m a failure. Why? Because I just am. Lemme explain.
So today a girl rejected me. Happens to everyone, but here’s the odd part about it. I never even asked her out. I just told her we should talk more often, in a completely 100% platonic way. She’s dating someone. And that just got me thinking how much of a failure I am. I haven’t dated ever in my life. No first kiss. No holding hands. Hell, last time I felt so close with a girl…..it went really bad. And I still have a deep hatred for myself for that. But I went out of my comfort zone. Boom. She’s dating someone. Great. Even if I just wanted to be friends, she was dating someone and that made me realize- everyone is dating someone now. Most of my friends have dated someone or are dating someone. I think only a few of my friends haven’t, but they’re either really really really smart and studious or they’re just incredibly socially awkward. And….I’m so behind. I’m such a social loser. I can’t even talk to girls. And when I do…it goes wrong. Always. I’ve never dated and I feel like a failure because of that. Girls just don’t like me. I’m ugly probably. Ik most high schoolers hate themselves but none to the extent of me. Soooo…ye. Girl issues. Not dating anyone ever is making me feel so socially behind, and that I’ll never get a fun high school relationship. It sucks. Most people do it, I just fail because I’m the worst human alive. I’m not as bad as hitler, but the fact that I’m only made of flaws just hurts a lot.
In addition, I have really really bad anxiety. Today I had an interview with the college UPenn and I completely fucked that up. I couldn’t talk straight and I felt like shit the entire time. I also had an ap bio presentation on Xanax, and I said slurred sleech instead of speech, just because I was too anxious to talk.
I’m also fucking depressed. No one wants to date a sad sack like me, and even though I do a pretty good job of hiding it, it is still visible and nobody wants to be near someone who is depressed. It’s a stigma.
I’m socially behind and awkward. I fail everytime i talk to girls. Even just platonically I fail. Like I did today.
My grades are declining a lot. I’m usually a straight a and b student but now my usually high bs are turning into low bs and even cs. Which is unusually low for someone like me.
My gym lifts have been decreasing because my stupid right shoulder is injured because of some stupid reason.
But the worst part is I feel like the reason my parents marriage is breaking apart. They usually argue about me, and they have no clue how to argue so it’s just a lot of yelling and stuff, and I’m afraid that it won’t work out because of the stupid shit that I do.
I have no reason to be a victim, I’ve done all of this to myself. I’m cursend by myself because I have no right to live a happy life. No girlfriend to give me some enjoyment in my life. My workout routine has been declining fur to an inJury and increasingly bad diet. My social circle is accepting of me, but I’m way behind them in terms of social ability.
Why this matters?
99.999999999% of jobs require social abilities, and I have no social abolity.
If I can’t get a girl now, how will I know what I want in my future wife, how will I know how to even as k a girl out and respond to them and their responses, how will I be able to have children with a women who will love me and my kids, knowing that I really like children (when they’re well behaved and not super annoying.
How will I manage to be happy in this life when I’m so fucking depressed?
All in all I’m a failure in the things that really matter, and that just makes me the worst person I know. Everyone else had flaws, I’m just flawed at everything I do.
If you do decide to respond, be honest please. And all responses are appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot.
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2021.12.09 01:03 Historical_Rocket A Reminder it took Amazon 14 years, Tesla 18 years to become profitable! It has not even been year 1 for GME TRANSFORMATION. 5+ mil DIRECTLY REGISTERED in UNDER TWO MONTHS. Extreme Mass Hiring of TOP execs from TOP Companies. Not a SINGLE insider share sold. Imagine How Scared Short Sellers Are.

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2021.12.09 01:03 VaughnSD Paolo

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2021.12.09 01:03 lufetxt Arboleda fica? Agente dá ultimato ao São Paulo por proposta de renovação

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2021.12.09 01:03 TheCollection_Gamer How do you compile a build for html5?

How would you compile a build of sm64js/SM64PC for putting on, i don't know, a github.io/unblocked website for people to play on, like augustberchelmann.com/mario?
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2021.12.09 01:03 Decabet Clark Griswold used to live next door to a piece of shit.

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2021.12.09 01:03 gonchious Would I do well with a hair transplant?

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2021.12.09 01:03 Blavkh Has anyone with a bearded dragon that has gone to a local vet recently and noticed any signs of sickness after?

I took my beardie to a local vet (not naming names yet) back in late September and then a few weeks later he developed ADV (atadenovirus) that he recently passed away from. From what I've read is that they can only get the virus from other infected animals and my beardie and I haven't been around any other animals since August. The times kinda add up that he could've gotten it there.
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2021.12.09 01:03 ElConsejero Water Softener - which one to choose?

I just had a Rain Soft sales pitch but the system would cost $10K! The lifetime warranty sounded great and soap and all but that was a steep price. It sounded great and all but that was a sticker shock. Can anyone assist me on what to choose? Would it difficult to install? Thanks so much in advance!
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2021.12.09 01:03 Lufthansa-Lover Assorted Planes 3

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2021.12.09 01:03 Visual-Experience928 greene lightcinema url for YouTube.

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2021.12.09 01:03 JustSomeDude477 Loading screens across the board have become absurdly long for me

Title. Loading into the game itself must have taken 5 times longer than normal, but even UI things switching between menus takes a lot longer. Really hope they fix it because it feels horrible
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2021.12.09 01:03 red_vibes99 goodnight.

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2021.12.09 01:03 annyonglin I think Steven deserved to be humiliated.

Now, I wanna start off by saying that I don't really believe people should be ganged up on or humiliated. It's embarrassing and painful for the person. However, in SteVen's case, I think it was the best thing for him.
It may have been like a form of intervention for him.
Clearly, hearing directly from his past/current partners doesn't have an affect on him; when they tell him directly "what you did/do hurts me " or "I don't understand why you did that" doesn't seem to get through to him. At all.
I think it only (slightly) had an effect on him since he directly felt humiliated and shamed; a small taste of what Alina has been feeling seeing as how he openly cheats on her for ghe world to see.. When it comes to someone else's feelings, he can't seem to empathize.
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2021.12.09 01:03 Wolf_hum 🙏

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2021.12.09 01:03 Careful-Vacation-188 [Christmas Day Special Offer by mailerstation email lists] BOARD MEMBER, BOARD OF DIRECTOR, MEMBER OF THE BOARD EMAIL LIST 10% off and use coupon code : new 2021

Many of the most prominent organizations and non-profits have boards of directors, a board of directors, and a board of trustees. The members of the board hold a significant amount of control over the actions of an organization. Board members can manage the organization. The contact list includes important contacts and titles such as CEOs, CFOsand large shareholders, and elected representatives.
If you genuinely want to influence change, Why not speak to those who are responsible for making the company's most crucial decisions? Begin emailing, calling, or even chatting with the top leaders of your company in just a few minutes after downloading this inexpensive and easy-to-use database. This data product is just one of mailerstation.com's various pre-built, verified by a human contact list that is available to use immediately without having to pay any additional fees.
Connect it to your CRM system and begin making contact now. If you'd like to extend your reach, you can create your own personalized contact list using our unique list-builder tool that is dynamic and flexible. If you want to get a high-quality list of board members for your company now, buy this already built list. It will get you just one step closer to negotiating a deal with a top executive in only two clicks!
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2021.12.09 01:03 Barbod13 What is this mob ? ( Wtf answer only)

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2021.12.09 01:03 ella6711 Chutzpah S01 link comment box

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2021.12.09 01:03 JigsawPhilosophy Tinea Versicolor Treatment in Japan?

I’ve been living in Japan for a couple months now and plan to stay at least a few years, but recently I was looking to find some Terrasil to treat my tinea versicolor, but have been unable to find any, both at stores and online. When I was in the States I just used this to almost eliminate it, but it does not appear to be available anywhere in Japan. This isn’t something I’ve needed to see a dermatologist about before and would prefer not to go to one, so does anyone know of any comparable products I can use to treat it here? Thanks!
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2021.12.09 01:03 Fishbones06 Paladin Glyph Concept

Paladin Glyph Concept I don't play a Paladin, so I had to refer to others what they thought would be fun ideas.
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