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First time posting here. I thought I might as well post my Spotify Wrapped.

2021.12.09 00:49 JIMBOYKELLY First time posting here. I thought I might as well post my Spotify Wrapped.

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2021.12.09 00:49 Cosmodocus 170lbs-160lbs(77kg-72kg) @5’9. Planning to continue cutting to 155lbs(70kg)

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2021.12.09 00:49 No_Investigator2239 LF : Bunch of High IV HA mons for breeding, EQ TM FT: List

Hello everyone! Once again, looking to expand to breed some competitive mons
LF: 5IV HA Jolly Dratini 5IV Timid Rotom 5IV HA Timid Abra (preferably HA, but okay either way) 5IV HA Bagon w/ Dragon Dance Earthquake TM Ability Patch Shiny Stone for breedjects
FT: 6 IV Timid Gastly 6 IV Adamant HA Shroomish w/ Seed Bomb 5 IV Jolly Chimchar (x sp atk) w/ Thunder Punch 5 IV Adamant Poison Heal Shroomish (x sp atk) w/ Seed Bomb 5 IV Adamant Larvitar (x sp atk) w/ Dragon Dance 5 IV Loveball Timid Natural Cure Staryu (x atk) 5 IV Moonball Jolly Gible (x sp.atk) w/ Outrage/Dragon Breath/Mudshot/Double-Edge 5 IV Adamant HA Torchic (x sp.atk) BREEDJECTS: 4IV HA Adamant Shroomish, 5IV moonball jolly gible w/ same egg moves, 5 IV Loveball HA Timid Staryu, 5IV Adamant Larvitar , 5IV Timid gastly, 5IV Loveball HA Adamant Torchic
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2021.12.09 00:49 StormyStormz Absolutely rocking the diaper look.

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2021.12.09 00:49 learei So, to all the designers of planet coaster, can someone make me a custom "InragR" sign that I can put on the wooden support structure of this beautiful PTC that I have made?

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2021.12.09 00:49 Repulsive-Ad2352 Love your site

What is the meaning of orange episode icons
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2021.12.09 00:49 fille_de_brouillard Music can have such a weird effect on me sometimes 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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2021.12.09 00:49 Guardian_Dollar_City GR, Neuromancer, and Cyberrpunk?

So... I'm about 1/3 of the way through Neuromancer, my first Gibson trip, and thought of something I've was meaning to ask about here. [TL - DR] Is there a direct connection between Gravity's Rainbow and the Cyberpunk genre?
As a professor who has been asked in the past to teach survey courses in the general Humanities, I had been given a textbook (required by the department) that covers prehistory through 1990 - 2010! Not a lot of space here for examination, even if the full text was used for two semesters. (I took many and many liberties with my version of a curriculum.)
One day I decided to look up Pynchon in the index. I found one mention around the 1980s and 1990s topics in the textbook. The heading was Cyberpunk. One paragraph. Stating simply that William Gibson (describing briefly mangled, short-circuited and dystopian futures) was inspired by Gravity's Rainbow (and stating not much else).
I hadn't heard about this connection before glancing in this rather weakling of a textbook, and I haven't heard anything about it since.
Why do you you think Pynchon's sole appearance in this text is related to Gibson? Is it too obvious, or is this textbook verging on the inaccurate? Maybe I was simply disappointed, as a fan, that Pynchon didn't get his own little paragraph (perhaps earlier in the text after Kerouac, etc).
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2021.12.09 00:49 Tidalwave64 Emerald Enquirer update

I have made the decision to change how we are going to publish these war newspapers.

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2021.12.09 00:49 iethorhomesdIIIX Soon may the wellerman come?

Hi, I have a question I would like to ask.
Why the phrase: "Soon may the wellerman come"? doesn't end with "comes".
I thought "The wellerman" is 3rd singular pronoun?
Thank you.
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2021.12.09 00:49 Consistent-Ad9909 Poster of diferents factions (Navy, Bandit, Cop, tmf) (hope y'all like ir)

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2021.12.09 00:49 dannydanielsan While waiting to get an abscessed tooth worked on tomorrow

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2021.12.09 00:49 Patisgodlol Just got full Mk11 team these guys good or nah?

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2021.12.09 00:49 ilikepewds2 Offers?

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2021.12.09 00:49 Prestigious_Bath6138 Not enough credit history to generate credit score

Hello, does anybody know how old should my credit history be for Experian to give me a FICO credit score? I got my SSN earlier this year and my first credit card by July (Capital One Quicksilver). I’ve been using my CC and paying it off almost immediately but haven’t had any luck with Experian giving me a score so far. Thanks
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2021.12.09 00:49 Creative-Designer-49 Change the narrative.

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2021.12.09 00:49 smileguy91 Raiders’ Anticipated Head Coaching Vacancy Considered the NFL’s “Best Job Available”

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2021.12.09 00:49 CarlPeligro A bit of a cultural/practical question: a post-HSK gift for a language tutor from Taiwan, 适不适当?

Hi, all!
This is not strictly a language question, though it is a Chinese tutoring question. I apologize in advance if I'm asking this in the wrong place, but I figured the /ChineseLanguage crew would have a bit more expertise in this direction than I do.
I'm just about to take an HSK exam; my long-distance Taiwanese tutor has been incredibly generous with her time in helping me get all this stuff nailed down pat. I lived in Taiwan for a short period of time (four or five months), so I have a flimsy grasp on the cultural norms there; I'm much more familiar with mainland Chinese culture, and with what sort of gifts they consider off-limits and what have you (not recommended: a green hat with a clock set to 4:44 PM mounted on the bill).
So, the question is twofold: would a Taiwanese person consider a (reasonably cheap) gift weird at all? I've been studying with this tutor for about four months, so I haven't known this person forever, but she's been incredibly helpful thus far. As for the actual gift itself: she's a recent college graduate and (from what I can tell) is just starting to venture out into the professional world. I figure a $20 gift card would be a practical option, but have no idea what sort of gift card options exist in Taiwan or which species of card might be the most useful.
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2021.12.09 00:49 ThomasMarkov LF: 5iv HA Jolly Shroomish. FT: 5iv Gligar, Dratini, or Eevee.

Looking for a 5iv HA Jolly Shroomish. I’ve got a 5iv HA Jolly Gligar (or non-HA), a 5iv HA Jolly Dratini (or non-HA), and a pile of 5iv Eevees of different natures.
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2021.12.09 00:49 Cooper23231 Am i the only one? Keeps on happening since yesterday.

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2021.12.09 00:49 katcatj67 Post potter depression

Does anyone else get this empty feeling after finishing the HP books and/or movies? I’ve read and watched them so many times and every time I go into a really bad funk for a week or so. I get so sad because I feel like I want to be there so bad, and I want them to be my friends lol. It makes me feel like my life is so mundane. I desperately read fanfics and try to pretend I’m there but it really affects me- to the point where I’m avoiding reading or watching again. Anyone else? Lol
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2021.12.09 00:49 Usual_Entry_6921 Life with debt

Idk my ex the reason I had credit card debt mostly and then the person involved in preventing me from Fixing it too
I never had a credit card in college why would I want it I always used only cash, had a bank account and only used that when absolutely necessary. Anyways then I’m about to graduate and think okay I should build credit it seems like what an adult would do. So then I start signing up. And of course since my exes pedo father made me pay for everything his daughter did despite him being rich? It helped build the tab. Fast forward to when the receipt of the evidence came in, I tried to do shit like use my capital one card tj pay for just the security deposit? Nope denied because I wanted to use it to stay at a hotel with said mobster pedo daughters ex. Seemed to me like I can only accrue debt if I spend on the guys daughter connected to the charges that prevented me from accepting my after college Kellogg’s job and launching my clothjng company. My phone was hacked by the nsa at the time and it used special markers to elude to companies and people who’d been involved and/or were criminal informants as? The city Pittsburgh was using their corrupt government systems to pursue me to prevent from bringing resolution, or were investigating me to try and demonize and justify their other crimes. Capital one was on their marked by the nsa with evidence, first national bank was on there and I think one more… hold on I’ll try to remember. Discover was legit they extended an offer to allow me to settle for 400 and gave me like two 75 dollar or so gift credits which was dope discover would be the heaviest credit card affiliate I have after this and help out using my work results. I tried applying again but idk my credit report os still fucjed and maybe they don’t know. Anyways, with first national they kept racking up huge over draft fees on my account way more than normal and shit. And I won’t try tj pretend like I didn’t go out with my ex on the capital one and buy myself clothes? But I experience instances like at the hotel and it’s like? Dude I have over 40 dollars credit balance but the card is saying transaction denied at the hotel and only doing so because of her and what the intent is after the crimes when she helped me rack it up and her dad is a mobster pedo. Idk man seems suspicious ti me, just like the onslaught of unreasonable over draft fees far above the standard at first national bank.
Then there are endless hospital stays debt which were me? Either going to emergency rooms and seeking help for adhd praying that the Pittsburgh dea wouldn’t find out to get relief because Pittsburgh medical facilities would not provide the treatment that I have 15 years of established medical history for… that most of the time they’d been the ones providing it and from what I’ve seen scrubbing their records of doing so too…
Or being thrown into psych wards like the heritage valley one, following and onslaught of police crimes… related to the investigation of online drug crimes and Google, diagnosing me with schizophrenia to prep me for small cock hitler is z aka ride max connors dick and having ti pay for it cuz?
You know if I helped Biden sell out Google and Microsoft technology to China etc and rode max connors dick then I could get a trillion in taxpayers bail out of the money…. And finally be compensated for my work? LOL I also had to keep my mouth shut about what I knew of Covid-19 the 19 is the bodybuilding hyperlink extension for misc. Because entitled girls like the Chinese president daughter? Max intends sis cuck, guess she’d read my stories about hookups and felt like? Idk bres causing a global 12 trillion dollar pandemic and putting bodybuilding in the crosshairs they don’t deserve to be in…
Also, then clarion hospital the same as above and then one other one… idk I forget so more or less the police commit crimes against me and I have to pay for malpractice that not only doesn’t provide me with the appropriate medical care, but also am forced by law to take pills that will make me fat and make a better cuck for China and the dem party. With respect to clarion hospital? Before I got sent there the dea and other police in Pittsburgh text my phone tell me there is a girl at eatn park to hook up with she knows about me. Then I get there, spend 15 minutes deciding if she’s not weird enough to take to my hotel? Okay she seems good to me and she’s cuter than you would expect to see from a diner, cool. She’s good. What type of phone do you have the DoD prevents me from using Google products so they can’t surveillance me and use their army of corrupt law enforcement to pursue. In reality my question verbatim was what type of phone do you have I’m worried about recording devices is what I said. Sorry I have to follow DoD instructions and ugh president trump said that who I worked for at the time in this mercenary contract and her response is to run into the kitchen and 2 minutes later a manager comes out and goes? Hey you threatened to kill the president trump you need to get out now we called the cops. I’m like what the fuck I work for trump he just? Sent me the intel from the nsa about an nsa being knowledgeable that the fbi was going tj set me up at the hotel ti change my password the fuvk,
So I go outside and then I am met by Wexford Franklin park police whom I’m at that point certain are going tj kill me acting justified because some made up threat against the person I work for legit just talked to via the nsa right after the threat and? You texted me to come here and your response was to throw me in a psych ward to make me fat..
Fast forward to when I get out I get a job at ideal integrations and then I’m like shit okay time to rebuild my credit. Sign up for 3-4 more cards all low limit like less than 300 and start paying on em. Except ideal integrations is being leaned on by Microsoft and Google in order tj buy me our or pay me off and not pursue them. After they’ve already started the Covid pandemic. For portions of my Kansas City shuffle and pursuit into unconstitutional spying and intellectual property theft. So you’re trying ti pay me off for my investigation and ya, how do you expect me to? The fuck? And when instead of accepting o go ahead and provide an ultimatum they fire me. I wanted them to work against the corrupt law enforcement and lean on one of their customers which was eatn park to get justice against the set up. And rightly so I don’t want tj act like ideal was all on their side or the nsa hive while under trump didn’t confirm that they were aware of Microsoft crimes and their connection to ideal leaning on them. Shiit ideal is worth like a million dollars and you know if you think they do anything but bend over for Microsoft you’re crazy. There’s more to it but classified. Anyways, the nsa hive confirmed to me ideal was apples new cloud provider contingent on cooperative measures against all of Microsoft crimes. They’d get above status and be untouchable for anything they’d done wrong under Microsoft direction.
Anyways, when they fired me it was time to go to LockheedMartin443 and gear up for the nsa to be taken over by Bidens election fraud and be rendered useless because they can’t deny orders of Biden even if it’s covering up crimes. So trump prepared for that by LockheedMartin443 so I left ideal and headed to maryland so LockheedMartin443 could do what the nsa under Biden couldn’t as they have the same ability and jurisdiction but are a private company and don’t have to help Biden cover for crimes and participate in Covid or be fired.
Anyways I didn’t get paid for any of this for the LockheedMartin443 corp to keep their plausible deniability same with the DoD dhs and pentagon standard. Same as the last 5.5 years god damn it. So I’m working and can’t pay my credit card bills because I refused to accept bribe money from Microsoft. None of the card companies committed any crimes against me this time and it was all my debt.
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2021.12.09 00:49 ritsucaps Anyone going to the Toronto show?

I can't wait till the 18th!
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2021.12.09 00:49 MrGamePadMan Some people are drinkin the Haterade if they think this game doesn’t have impressive visuals. This game is CLEAN. My Series X captures. This game/on my 4K OLED = *chefs kiss*

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2021.12.09 00:49 matchatxa Game won’t let me remove emu from my team?

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